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Stir-fry is a very flexible meal. You can use pretty much any vegetable in the fridge along with chicken, beef, pork, seafood or tofu as desired or available. Don’t worry too much about proportions or ingredients. Use what you have. It will turn out great.


  • Aim for 2 parts vegetables to 1 part meat - Example: For 1 pound of vegetables you would use approximately 1/2 pound of meat but more/less is just fine
  • Vegetables (4 or 5 of the following or as desired):
  • Canola oil for frying
  • Sauce (use recipe below or store bought if desired)
  • Topping suggestions:


  • Wok, Electric wok or large frying pan. Best if non-stick since you will be using high heat
  • Metal spatula or wood spoon for stirring
  • Kitchen knife
  • Kitchen bowls
  • Measuring cups


  • Prep any rice or noodles you will be using
  • Make sauce if you are making your own
  • Wash all your vegetables
  • Cut vegetables into bite size pieces or as desired
  • Slice meat very thin (helps if meat is partially frozen)
  • Marinate meat for up to 15 minutes in soy sauce if desired (after slicing)
  • Heat wok as hot as possible with a small amount of canola oil
  • Once oil smokes, swish around to coat and then add vegetables
  • Cook vegetables while stirring regularly
  • Pour vegetables out of wok back into kitchen bowl
  • Discard any marinade used for the meat
  • Add small amount of oil back to wok and swish around to coat
  • Once oil smokes, add meat and cook stirring often
  • Once meat is cooked, add vegetables back to wok and mix
  • Pour desired amount of sauce over meat and vegetable mixture and combine
  • Serve with rice and/or noodles


  • Work in batches if necessary
  • You may need to start vegetables such as carrots or broccoli before others so that everything finishes near the same time
  • You can speed up cooking brocoli/carrots by using a little water and a lid to steam them prior to adding other vegetables